Frequently Asked Questions

New Patients

How do I become a patient at Triumph Health Clinic?

Ask your primary care provider, surgeon or specialist to make a referral. Referrals can be faxed to 604-628-3816.

Can I check the status of my referral?

Referrals are added to our waitlist on a continuous basis. Please have the referring physician inquire about the status of your referral if you have not received an appointment date within 3 months of referral. Do not call the office about the status of your referral.

Email inquiries are preferred. Please allow us at least 7-10 business days to respond to a referral inquiry. Waitlist letters are sent to referring physicians within 2 weeks of referral.

What are your current wait times?

New patients are booked according to the referral question. Typical wait times are 1-3 months for Sports Medicine and up to 6 months for chronic musculoskeletal issues. Referring physicians are encouraged to contact the office if patients need to be seen urgently.

What if I live in another province or country?

We accept patients from outside of British Columbia with active provincial medical coverage. We do not accept patients from outside Canada.

Appointments & Scheduling

How can I contact the clinic?

We prefer email to for all inquiries. Phone lines are open 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Fridays. Phone lines are closed on weekends and statutory holidays.

During clinic hours, administrative assistants are busy helping patients and cannot always answer the phone or return voicemail inquiries. If your call or question is of an urgent nature, please send us an email with URGENT in the subject line. We will respond within 24 hours.

How can I confirm my appointment?

All appointments must be confirmed at least 7 days prior. Appointments can be confirmed via our online patient portal, by sending an email to or by leaving a voicemail with your name, date of birth and appointment details.

Appointment changes are accepted up to 48 hours prior to the appointment. A fee of $150 applies for rebooking late cancellations for new consultations and $75 for follow-up or Telehealth visits.

What if I can’t make my appointment and need to reschedule?

We appreciate at least 48 hours notice for any cancellations or rescheduling prior to an upcoming appointment. There is limited availability to reschedule around work or travel commitments and you may be added to our cancellation list to accommodate your request.

Do I need a new referral for a new body part?

Typically, a new diagnosis requires a new referral. 

I am having difficulties completing the questionnaires, what can I do?

Try logging on to the patient portal from a desktop computer running Chrome or Safari. Site address is:

If you cannot access the patient portal please send us an email with your legal name and birthdate and we will confirm the details are correct in our system.

Can I speak to the doctor urgently (within 24-48 hours)?

If you have an urgent medical issue, please contact 9-1-1 or the nurse help line at 8-1-1. Alternatively, present yourself to the Emergency Department or nearest Urgent Care Centre.

Our doctors are available to answer questions for existing patients on an urgent basis. Urgent medical questions typically include concerns like post-injection pain flares. Please send us an email () or leave a voicemail (604-225-9426) and we will return your call/email within 24 hours.

We try to accommodate requests for non-urgent telehealth follow-up appointments within 14 business days.

I have questions about my upcoming injection, how should I proceed?

The doctors review the procedure, the indications, side effects and cost before proceeding. We suggest keeping the appointment as scheduled and if you choose not proceed with an injection there is no penalty. If you wish to rebook the injection to a Telehealth, please contact us by phone or email.

Can I have more than one injection done, I don’t want to come to the clinic repeatedly.

Requests for multiple injections (e.g. bilateral knees) can be considered on a case by case basis. MSP does not cover multiple injections per visit and Doctors are not allowed under the Health Occupations and Safety Act to charge patients for medical services covered under MSP. If you anticipate needing more than one injection per visit, please notify us by email in advance of your appointment.

How can I get a prescription refilled?

Please send us an email () with the medication and your preferred pharmacy. Our doctors can only refill existing prescriptions they have made. They cannot refill prescriptions for other medications. Please allow at least 3 business days for us to process prescription refill requests.

How can I discuss my recent test results with the Doctor?

Doctors typically receive results one to two weeks after the investigation has been completed. Our administrative staff will contact you with an appointment date within 2 weeks after your test result has been received by our office. Email inquiries are preferred regarding the status of your test results.

What are your ongoing COVID-19 protocols?

Masks are no longer required in healthcare settings in British Columbia. We can provide new clean surgical masks if requested. You are also welcome to bring your own mask. Do not come to the clinic if you have active symptoms of respiratory illness like fever, cough, runny nose, etc. All high touch surfaces are cleansed in between patient visits in accordance with infection control policies.

Records & Billing

What services are not covered by MSP?

MSP allows physicians to charge for prescription medications and devices used during the provision of medical services like a consultation or follow-up visit. Fees include the cost of ordering and stocking the medications or device.

MSP does not cover fees for the completion of Doctor’s notes, certificates and forms. Please allow at least 5 business days for any form or letter requests. Charges for uninsured services like forms range from $48 to $225 + GST.

Can I be provided a receipt to submit to my insurance provider?

Yes, we can provide you with a detailed receipt to submit to your insurance provider that includes the medication name, dose, DIN and other details. Please enquire at the time of your appointment or send us an email with the requested details.

How can I access my clinical records?

Please send us an email or notify us at the time of your appointment. We will send you an Access to Personal Information Request Questionnaire. Indicate what types of records you wish to receive and we will send them within 7 days of receipt. There is no cost to access your records for personal use.

Can you send my records to another party?

Sending records to other members of your care team (e.g. physiotherapy, chiropractor, occupational therapist) is an uninsured service and a records transfer fee applies. We recommend patients share their records with allied health care providers directly.

How can my lawyer or insurance company access my records?

We require a written request from your lawyer or insurance carrier along with a signed consent form at the time of request.

Can I request a hard copy of my images?

Yes. Please notify us by email and we can send you the Access to Personal Information Request Questionnaire. We then make a request to the hospital records department and images can be picked up at our office upon receipt (please allow up to 30 days). Images can also be requested directly from hospital records. Please call them directly with questions regarding cost and timeline.

Telehealth Consultations


Telehealth is available using Virtual Care. This is a video conferencing tool within our patient portal. If you are scheduled for a Telehealth Consultation, please review the instructions below. 


System Requirement

Please make sure you have a secure internet or Wifi connection.

Chrome, Safari or FireFox on a laptop computer.

Virtual Waiting Room

5 mins prior to your appointment time you will receive an email with a link.

Once clicked you’ll be directed to a virtual waiting room.


Virtual Visit

When ready the Physician will start the virtual visit with you.

If prompted, enable microphone and video for the session on your device.

Telehealth Follow-up Visits

Telehealth appointments will be conducted by phone unless otherwise indicated. Please ensure you have a private place to talk and a quiet room with minimal distractions or noise. Your Physician will call during your designated appointment time.

How do one-on-one video consultations appointments work?

You will be sent an email video appointment link with a unique password. Follow that to the virtual waiting room. Once your Doctor has logged on a video connection will be made. 

Video appointments run best on Chrome, Safari or Firefox. If you would like to use your phone, please ensure your software is up to date.

The doctor was supposed to call me for a Telehealth Phone Follow-up. What can I do if they’re late?

Thank you for your patience. We try to keep to the scheduled start time within 10-15 minutes. Our clinic will send a message if the doctor is delayed. Please check your email before contacting us.